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My new Voice-Over Reel is here! 

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Had so much fun gettin' my Schwarzenegger on!

Sound Bites 3.0, at 7pm at the 47th Street Theatre, 304 W 47th St., NYC, is a festival of 10-minute musicals. Our entry, "Fictitious," chronicles the rise, fall, and rerise of immigrant bodybuilder Hugh Diffendoffer. Come catch me as Hugh! It's one night only, so who knows when... I'll be back...

In other news, my new Voice-Over Reel is here! Click below for a listen.




Book, Music & Lyrics by

Tom Hyndman & Paul Cozby


Directed & Choreographed by

Jonathan S. Cerullo +


Music Director

Lulu Picart


+The Director/Choreographer is a member of the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society


Fictitious is a musical parody inspired by the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This 10-minute, 3-song excerpt is from the full musical that traces the rise, fall and rise again of immigrant body builder Hugh Diffendoffer, who meets, offends and ultimately wins over the beautiful-philanthropist-broadcast news reporter Humilia Tennedy Largent Thriver.